Elliot Connor

Elliot trained in scent specific/mantrailing with Search & Rescue UK for 4 years. Elliot uses a multi-method approach and takes the best parts of tracking, trailing and detection to enable the dog to find their target in the fastest and most direct way.

He gained his instructors certification (level 3 detection and level 2 mantrailing) with Scent Imprint For Dogs in Holland. Scent Imprint have trained and worked dogs all over the world in detection and tracking from explosives and narcotics to wildlife conservation.


Elliot has taught operational style detection for the last 4 years and mantrailing for 6 years and has had great success trialing his own dogs – a working German Shorthaired Pointer and Weimaraner. It was as he was coming to the end of his Internship with a UK based scentwork organization, that he realized his passion lay in providing a personalized training experience, helping owners to deepen their partnership with their dog through scentwork, and so his scentwork training company ‘EK9’ was founded. He trains at events and 121s predominantly across the UK but also virtually all over the world. He lives with his wife and their 5 dogs in Scotland.


Elliot is also a Scent Ops trials ambassador, trainer and judge in the UK and is director of Scent Ops International. Scent Ops are operational style detection trials with the focus being on teamwork between the handler and dog.


Everything Elliot teaches is suitable for just about any dog including reactive ones, he will tailor working sessions specifically for you and your dog, providing the ‘why’ as well as the ‘what’ and ‘when’. With a focus on synchronizing the body language of the team, you will find that your bond with your dog will become stronger supporting both improved enjoyment and performance.