[BCF] Power Patterns For Peak Performance 2: Arousal Edition!

Is your dog struggling with arousal issues that are preventing peak performance? Are you seeing a change in arousal when the dog steps into the ring, or when something happens on course? Does your dog perform brilliantly at home but then everything changes when you step into the ring?

Dog sports such as agility and flyball are high action, high intensity… and high arousal.  Get ready for a whole new level of training to bring out your dog’s peak performance in the ring! Join Tracy and Bobbie to learn how to use the Power Patterns to  teach your dog to train and compete in an optimal arousal state! 

Brain Camp presents…

Power Patterns For Peak Performance 2:

Arousal Edition!

with Bobbie Bhambree and Tracy Sklenar 

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Too much arousal, too little arousal… let’s help the dog get to that “just right” state of arousal, and work on eliminating the behaviors that come from over-arousal!  These over-arousal behaviors can appear in a variety of different ways such as:


  • Struggling to remain calm outside the ring
  • Struggling to sit or hold a stay at the start line
  • Struggling to produce ‘trained’ behaviors in the ring such as contacts, weaves, ball carrying, box turns
  • Struggling to remain engaged
  • Sniffing, zooming, freezing, visiting, acting frantic, spinning, lunging, barking, biting the handler
  • Taking random lines on course, ‘tunnel-sucking’
  • Chasing or re-running without being sent in flyball


Over-arousal is driving those behaviors – they are not simply a choice that the dog is making. Based on Leslie McDevitt’s Pattern Games and the Brain Camp Power Patterns, we will be applying the Brain Camp neuroscience-based approach to help you build an incredible framework for success for your dog.

We will be covering agility AND flyball applications, including training skills and sport-specific behaviors like contacts, weaves, start lines, box turns, jump commitment, ball carrying, collection, cue processing,  problem solving and MORE!

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  • Faculty:
    • Tracy Sklenar and Bobbie Bhambree
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    • Open to All
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      • View 7 individual episodes
      • Binge entire 3 hour webinar!
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Tracy Sklenar Tracy Sklenar Author
Bobbie Bhambree Bobbie Bhambree Author



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