Get Connected: The EYES Have It!

Live Webinar with Tracy Sklenar

You can join this webinar live on Tuesday, October 24th from 7pm – 9pm Eastern, or watch the recording! Enjoy lifetime access to the webinar and supporting materials!

This webinar is all about CONNECTION on the agility course. WHERE you look and HOW you look at your dog can make a world of difference in your partnership with your dog! Learn how to effectively use these connection techniques to streamline how you communicate with your dog and bring out your dog’s best on course!

Does your dog struggle to find the right lines on course? Do you want to become a better handler for your dog, with clearer and more timely cues? Interested in getting more commitment, more independence on lines, and tighter turns? Need help with timing or keeping bars up? Want to get more speed, or reduce frustration? Let’s get connected! 

In this webinar, you will learn the most up-to-date techniques focusing on how to use connection to improve every element of handling your dog on course: commitment on lines, backsides, and countermotion, get rid of refusals, build more confidence & speed, get tight turns, improve jumping, create amazing responses to cues, solve problems, get you to amazing positions on course and more! 

Topics covered include:

  • Defining connection and the 5 different types of connection we use on course 
  • Learning how to connect on course, and how to practice staying connected
  • Getting feedback from the dog: how to know when you have disconnected or need to be more connected
  • How to see when your dog is committed to an obstacle, line, or turn
  • How to use connection to improve your timing
  • How to maintain connection and without running into things 
  • How to use connection to get collection
  • How to use connection to get stronger commitment especially on lines, backsides, distance skills, and countermotion 
  • How to maintain connection and how to keep your arms from flailing
  • How to find and execute those critical connection points on course
  • And MORE! 

Each topic will include a small-space training setup for you to practice your connection skills, as well as a Field Guide so you can take your training anywhere!

Course Information

Estimated Time: Lifetime Access

Difficulty: Open to All

Course Instructor

Tracy Sklenar Tracy Sklenar Author