MYOB!* How To Teach Your Dog To Ignore Other Dogs And Remain Engaged With You!

*Mind Your Own Business

Live HYBRID Webinars with Tracy Sklenar

Dog sports such as agility and flyball are VERY exciting! So many other dogs! So much motion! But many dogs struggle in this highly charged environment, and their performance in the ring suffers. 

YES! All webinars will be recorded and you will enjoy lifetime access here on BrainCamp Flix!

Does your dog struggle to ignore the motion and excitement of other dogs running? Is your dog having a hard time being around other dogs outside the ring? Are you seeing behaviors such as 

  • Overarousal

  • Staring/Stalking

  • Obsessing

  • Chasing

  • Lunging

  • Barking/Screaming

  • Inability to engage with you

  • Pulling towards other dogs

  • Inability to respond to cues

  • Focusing on BIS

  • Lack of interest in motivators such as food or toys

 These issues will cause your dog to struggle outside AND inside the ring! 

This hybrid webinar will allow you to learn why this is happening, as well as how to use specific techniques for outside and INSIDE the ring to help your dog shift his attention away from the environment and engage with you instead.  AND you have the option of submitting videos and getting personalized feedback and training plans!! You can choose your level of participation:


MYOB* Webinar Only $49 

MYOB* Webinar PLUS 2 Follow Up Webinars  (Auditing) $125

⇒ FULL! MYOB* Webinar PLUS 2 Follow Up Webinars (Working) $199

Want to submit training and trial videos in advance of each webinar, continue the discussion between webinars, and get feedback plus training plans?

Choose this option!  (limited to 10 spots)  


Webinar dates:

MYOB* Webinar: December 18th, 2023 at 7pm Eastern

MYOB* Follow Up 1: January 8th, 2024 at 7pm Eastern

MYOB* Follow Up 2: January 29th, 2024 at 7pm Eastern


Course Information

Estimated Time: Lifetime Access

Difficulty: Open to All

Course Instructor

Tracy Sklenar Tracy Sklenar Author

MYOB* Webinar


Access to the December 18th Webinar

MYOB* Webinar PLUS 2 Follow Up Webinars (Auditing)


Access to all 3 webinars!

Full Length Recording

Episode 1: Welcome And Introduction

Episode 2: Embracing Arousal And Understanding Arousal States

Episode 3 Rehearsal Game 1: Surfing The Curve! Volume Dial To Decompression

Episode 4: Understanding State-Dependent Memory

Episode 5: A Different Approach To “Looping” Your Training 

Episode 6 Rehearsal Game 2: Shaping In “State”

Episode 7: Attentional States, Arousal States, And Understanding How Dogs Process Information

Episode 8 Rehearsal Game 3: State-Shifting To Draw Engagement To You 

Episode 9 Rehearsal Game 4: Super Bowls To Help With Visual Processing

Episode 10 Rehearsal Game 5: Power Bowls!

Episode 11 Rehearsal Game 6: Engaged Chill

Episode 12 Rehearsal Game 7: Selective-State Reset With The Magic Word

Episode 13: Practice Makes Pathways!

Episode 14: Depletion, Decompression, Wrap Up, Q&A

MYOB 2 Pre-Game!