Personal Kanban: “Unleash” Your Potential For Personal Productivity!

 with Kristin Omdahl

Feel the JOY of accomplishing things and step out of your stress-cycle! 

Join Kristin for 2 amazing webinars to set yourself up for SUCCESS!

  • Webinar 1: June 11, 2024 at 7pm Eastern

  • Webinar 2: July 2, 2024 at 7pm Eastern

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YES! The webinars will be recorded! 

Do you feel like you take on too much? Are you overwhelmed by the amount of work, dog training, home tasks, and even fun things you need to do? Are you juggling multiple training plans with many steps and struggling to maintain an organized workflow? Sometimes it feels like there’s a gigantic and complex list of things to train and do, many of which must happen in a certain order, but instead we’re just picking up things to do at random while doing our best to get them done, all the while feeling completely overloaded.

Use the power of your brain’s existing design to work in a way it will love! We can take the same neuroscientific approach we’ve been using to teach our dogs, to also train ourselves how to master the ability to organize our to-do lists so that we can focus on enjoying the journey while we get things done.


The Personal Kanban system leans on neuroscience to provide a way to work that just makes sense to your brain. This makes it very practical and highly effective.

If you feel like confronting your daily activities can be overwhelming, this webinar series is for you! You will learn how to apply a system to take control over your activities.


You CAN get out of the sometimes-stressful cycle of not knowing what to do next and feel the JOY of accomplishing things! You can start seeing results and progress immediately.


Personal Kanban offers a structured (but not rigid) and visual approach to managing tasks, enabling you to be more productive, more effectively prioritize, and feel like you are on top of everything.

This gives you a lightweight framework that helps you achieve the right things at the right time. In a sea of things to do, it makes your next steps very clear and actionable. And yet, this is not prescriptive or a strict plan. Customizing the strategy to your goals, work and life are encouraged!


We will delve into how Personal Kanban works, the neuroscience behind WHY it works and provide practical steps to get started. You will get actionable tips and the dos and don’ts to optimize your effectiveness.


We will talk about how to handle interruptions, how to prioritize, how to adapt based on the results you are seeing, and how you can get even better over time.

The concepts behind this way of working are very simple and intuitive, which makes it a powerful tool for anyone to get control of the things to do. 


Personal Kanban is for everyone! And this will work for your personal tasks at home, for your job, and all your dog training plans.

  • Webinar 1: June 11, 2024 at 7pm Eastern – 90 minutes – Methodology, steps, and practical guidance for setting up your own system, and Q&A

  • Webinar 2: July 2, 2024 at 7pm Eastern – 90 minutes – Additional ideas to follow up on key concepts, as well as Q & A  including a chance to share any challenges and successes based on your initial work to set up and use a board. We can learn a lot from each other’s experiences! 

YES! Lifetime access! 

YES! The webinars will be recorded! 

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Webinar 1 Link And Info

Link To Full Recording Of Webinar 1

Webinar Slides And Chat

Episode 1: Welcome And Intro!

Episode 2: Topics And Basics

Episode 3: Steps 1, 2, 3

Episode 4: Steps 4 & 5, Kanban versus To-Do Lists, Board Design Patterns 

Episode 5: Live Demo!

Episode 6: Notes About Tools, Learnings, And Wrap Up