Say WHAT! The What, Which, Why, And How Of Verbal Directional Cues In Agility!

Webinar with Tracy Sklenar

Verbal cues have become a critical element of agility training and handling nowadays. Join me to learn

  •  WHICH cues to train
  •  WHAT they will mean to your dog
  •  WHY you will want to train them
  •  WHERE they would be used on course
  •  HOW to begin training them (there is a simple game for each one!)

Also, you’ll learn

  •  How to prioritize your training without feeling overwhelmed by So.Many.Words!
  •  How to choose your words
  •  How to use pitch, rhythm, tone, and energy to help the dogs differentiate
  •  Tips to help you remember to use your verbals on course

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Additional Course Details

  • Faculty:
    • Tracy Sklenar
  • Level:
    • Open to All
  • Webinar Structure:
    • Two viewing options:
      • View 8 individual episodes
      • Binge the entire 3 hour webinar!
    • Supporting Materials Included:
      • Slides
      • Field Guides
  • Equipment needed:
    • Wing, 2 Jumps, Tunnel
  • Space required:
    • No special space requirements.

Course Information

Estimated Time: Lifetime Access

Difficulty: Open to All

Course Instructor

Tracy Sklenar Tracy Sklenar Author
  • Enrollment in this course closed on 10/30/2023.